About Emma

People that practice yoga and yoga teachers especially aren’t sorted! Because we practice yoga doesn’t automatically mean we are enlightened and have perfect postures. Most people usually come to yoga because of ill health or because they are going through some kind of personal crisis. Now this may all sound kinda heavy and yoga is fun but life is a serious business and yoga is so much deeper than getting toned. It is life changing.

I started looking into yoga and alternative medicine because I was going through a personal crisis of my own. I was suffering from anxiety and depression and at the tender age of 22 I had a nervous breakdown. My life since then has been a long journey getting back to my self. It has taken the best part of 17 years for that to take place. It could have happened quicker but maybe I wasn’t ready until now.

It is through yoga and psychotherapy that I have found a path to healing. I can finally say I am happy again and motivated to take part in life. That is the gift of yoga!