About Emma

Hi! I’ve been teaching yoga since 2008. I did my first yoga teacher training in India, the home of yoga with The Sivananda Organisation. Here I trained in Classical Hatha yoga which gave me a good foundational knowledge of yoga. In my practice I was very inspired by Shiva Rea who is a pioneer for the Vinyasa Flow style. I have done several workshops with her and did another 200hr teacher training with YogaLondon so that I could further study the Vinyasa Flow style.

My classes are very down to earth. I like to teach creative sequences that are interesting and fun. I really like to guide you to focus on your breathing throughout the practice, in this way it becomes a moving meditation and this is what differentiates yoga from gymnastics or any other exercise programme. I am also very much into alignment. I really like to guide my students into using good alignment in the yoga asanas (poses) as this will help you to really get the very most out of each asana. This helps you to tone up the body, focus the mind and sink deeper into the asanas and your self.