Yoga is not just about getting your body in funny shapes and having ‘a bit of a stretch’, it is a really powerful healing system and can be used according to your needs. If you want to tone up it is a great way of getting your body in shape. Yoga is not just for girls! Dynamic yoga uses your body as a weight. It can be hard work and you will sweat a lot!

Yoga can also be used to treat many ailments. If you are suffering from any stress symptoms such as; insomnia, anxiety, migraines, eczema, you can use yoga to help calm you down and feel peaceful.

If you have back problems yoga is great at developing your core muscles and the muscles that support the spine to even out any muscular weaknesses therefore relieving back pain and improving posture. If you suffer from depression you can practice yoga in a stimulating way to lighten your mood, get the body going and relieve symptoms.

Yoga works on all the bodily systems; respiratory, endocrine (which regulates the hormones), reproductive, muscular, digestive etc. When you practice, putting your body in certain poses you massage your internal organs, eliminating any toxins and toning these organs to help your body perform better.

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