Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique.  Universal Energy know as ‘ki’ is channelled by the practitioner and transferred to the client via hands on or off the body.  Reiki can be used to ease a variety of different health conditions.  Reiki is recommended if you are feeling depleted, stressed out or suffering from aches and pains.  It can be used to give you an energy boost and soothe the soul.

I have been working with reiki for over 15 years. In that time have had the opportunity to question whether it is a load of balls! And my answer is no it is not. It is a difficult concept for people to get to grips with – that we have an energy body and that we can channel energy for the purposes of healing. Everything contains life force – plants, trees, food, animals, humans. This life force is different to oxygen although we can top up our life force levels by breathing. The life force is not present in oxygen but in the breath. In my yoga work I refer to this energy as ‘prana’.  Reiki and yoga practitioners are aware of our energetic body. They describe how we have energy centres in our body that run up the spine from the base of the spine up to the crown of the head. These energy centres are known as chakras. You can read more about these chakras below. In reiki we work with the energy centres to help bring the person back into balance.

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The chakras are like spinning wheels regulating our energy and drawing energy into our body. There are seven chakras and each chakra has a colour associated with it. The base chakra at the base of the spine is associated with our primordial survival, our basic need of food, shelter and protection. Sex for procreation. When connecting with this chakra we experience its effects of grounding us to the earth and our physical surroundings. When our of balance, we can feel insecure. The second chakra moving up the spine is the sacral chakra. This chakra is associated with pleasure, food for pleasure, sex, creativity. We have evolved out of fulfilling our basic desires at the first chakra and it is safe when we move into the second chakra to enjoy things past the experience of needing them solely for survival. This chakra also regulates our emotions. When in balance we can enjoy pleasurable experiences. When out of balance we may seek pleasurable experiences e.g eating to numb out emotions we do not want to feel. The third chakra is the solar plexus. Our energy centre. This is the place of our power, assertiveness, and control also our ego. When in balance you can enjoy a feeling of quiet confidence. When out of balance you may seek out power struggles with people. The fourth chakra is the heart chakra. This chakra merges the lower instincts of the first three chakras with the higher purposes of the three chakras above it. The heart chakra is the place of love, of openness and friendliness. If in balance you will enjoy healthy relationships with others. if out of balance you may hoard your love or have feelings of insecurity over giving and receiving. The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, the are of communication. Here we speak our truth, express our creativity. In balance you will enjoy open and honest communication with people without fear of approval. Out of balance you may talk too much or not at all. The sixth chakra is the third eye. The area of intuition. In balance you will experience life from a more spiritual perspective. It is possible to transcend polarity and no longer see situations as right or wrong. Out of balance experiences at this chakra could be a feeling of being ‘spaced out’. The seventh and last major chakra (there are many more minor chakras in the body) is the crown chakra. Being balanced at this chakra and experiencing life from this chakra is rare and a completely spiritual experience where you merge with the divine.